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Creating resilient and livable cities with nature-based solutions, drawing from science, art, and philosophy

I am a sustainable urban development expert with a vision of transforming urban spaces into more harmonious and sustainable environments. I have always been fascinated by the beauty and complexity of nature, and how it can inspire us to live more harmoniously and joyfully. I have studied architecture, urban sustainability science, art, and philosophy, and I have learned from different cultures and traditions how they relate to the natural world.  I have also had the privilege of participating in various research projects and activities that explore the intersection of these domains, where I learned from indigenous peoples, cave art, and plants.

My work is to help cities become more resilient and livable by embracing nature-based solutions. These are ways of designing and managing urban spaces that mimic or enhance natural processes, such as urban forests, parks, gardens, ponds, lakes, and wetlands. These solutions provide multiple benefits for the people and the environment, such as cooling, drainage, biodiversity, recreation, and health. They also foster a sense of connection and belonging among the residents and the land.

I have collaborated on  nature-based solutions research and implementation projects, provided policy advice, and taught university classes in different cities around the world. I use a participatory and inclusive approach that draws on art, science, spirituality, and culture to engage the community and the decision-makers in the planning process. I aim to create solutions that are tailored to the local context, needs, and preferences. I have received positive feedback and recognition from my students, colleagues, and partners, who value my vision and leadership. I have also inspired some people to join me in this journey of creating resilient and livable cities.

I am always curious and eager to learn new things and to collaborate with others who share my vision.

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