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I’m a researcher, lecturer, and urban planner with a strong background in governance networks research and urban development projects aimed at the creation of novel strategies for forward-thinking nature based solutions implementation. I’m seen as effective and confident science communicator, both oral and written, making complex scientific concepts and implementation strategies accessible to audiences of various backgrounds.

I've been strong builder of prolific collaborations with clients and associates ranging from

city governments to environmental foundations, the CEOs of large companies to private clients and professionals working in research, architecture, urban and spatial planning.

I see myself as creative and self-motivated individual with wide knowledge of current trends and contexts for nature based solutions implementation, with unique combination of working experience in all relevant sectors, and proven ability to develop research methodologies and science - based strategies leading to sustainable nature based solutions implementations.


Lower priority of NbS in urban development

Trade-offs disregarding some ecosystem services

Lack of cooperation between government and other actors


Social Network Analysis (SNA)

Governance Networks

Co - Creation Planning 

Knowledge management

NsB analysis and assessments

Spatial and Regional Planning

Sustainable development

Adaptive governance

Strategic NbS implementation

NbS research & policy 

Public lectures

University course design

Areas of Expertise


Coordinating stakeholders and their actions

Establishing ecological processes at the city scale

Adopting appropriate planning tools

Creating instruments to strategically prioritise urban interventions

Improving cooperation and trust between government and other actors

Designing governace to cope with the abruptions and change

Strategically utilising local and expert environmental


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