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Turning different perspectives into one vision.

Transformative solutions in urban resilience planning and decision making processes, adapted to local conditions, for every step of the way.

Challenging crisis into opportunities:

Fact based strategies for helping cities to be more climate adaptive and liveable

Millions of people are migrating to cities each year, transforming the land into urban landscapes for another app. 2.5 billion people in next 30 years. Pressures will increase as climate change continues, severely impacting society and the economy.


Our cities and regions urge for practical and sustainable solutions to be more climate adaptive and more liveable. Complexities of such a planning and project implementation are causing difficulties to execute them, mainly in areas of stakeholders’ coordination and trade-offs.


My expertise helps to identify obstacles and use existing recourses to activate capacity across and within sectors to implement strategic resilience enhancing solutions — while lowering costs, increasing time efficiency, execution and outcomes quality.


I work with local and international NGOs, government agencies, policy networks, community interest groups, property associations, and land developers to implement resilience enhancing projects in cities and regions.

Research & Policy Guidance

Conducting research to support decision making in the alignment of budgets, policies, sector plans and strategic spatial planning, and evaluation of urban and regional plans.

Project Implementation Problem Solving

Identifying new opportunities, defining priorities, and accelerating actions. Developing appropriate solutions in efficiency, communication, control, and management issues in implementation process. 


Diagnosis of


Data analysis and other parts of the diagnostic process of strategic problems in connection with project implementation issues.


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