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Bridging different perspectives.

Implementing one vision.

Cultivating resilience, adapted to local conditions, for every step of the way.

Fact based strategies for helping cities to be more climate adaptive and liveable

Millions of people are migrating to cities each year, transforming the land into urban landscapes for another app. 2.5 billion people in next 30 years. Pressures will increase as climate change continues, severely impacting society and the economy.


Our cities and regions urge for practical and sustainable solutions to be more climate adaptive and more liveable. Whether we're greening the street in Seattle or suppling water to Sub-Saharan region, implementing such a project is a complex process, because we're dealing with networks of involved actors, each with different needs, fears and understandings, and that is the toughest part of any project.


I have working experience in public and private sector, and in extensive academic research in governance networks. That is how I have gained skills and knowledge to serve as the "bridge" between various stakeholders, and use their differences and their relationships as a recourse to navigate implementation processes. By analysing and strategically intervening into networks of involved actors I  help implement strategic resilience enhancing solutions — while lowering costs, increasing time efficiency, execution and outcomes quality.


I work with local and international NGOs, government agencies, policy networks, community interest groups, property associations, and land developers to guide, rethink and transform implementation processes for resilience enhancing projects in cities and regions.

Recommending Actions

Detecting the problems based on quantitative data analyses,  and linking them to the broader evidence base to develop strategic project implementation recommendations.

Implementing Changes

Using evidence based problem-solving techniques and management methods to intervene in decision making processes and put recommendations into effect.

Encompassing the work processes that move the project implementation from initiation to completion in a timely manner.

Building Consensus & Commitment

Ensuring enough support so that the implementation will be successful.

Identifying key players to involve and interest them by training programs, seminars, teaching conferences and outreaching to stakeholders.

Mapping and engaging actors for co-creating solutions for enhancing resilience.


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