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Antonija Bogadi, Ph.D., is a researcher and expert in sustainable urban and regional development. With a Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Research and Planning from Technical University Vienna, she has dedicated her career to exploring the social-ecological resilience of urban systems. Her work covers a wide range of topics, such as sustainable land use, environmental policy, ecosystem-based climate adaptation, stakeholder analysis, critical infrastructure, and collaborative planning. She is passionate about integrating both local and expert knowledge into planning and public policy.

She is the head of the Green Deal Projects Department in SYNYO GmbH Vienna, Austria, an independent research and innovation organization that tackles societal challenges for sustainable development. She has been a senior researcher and grant writer in more than 20 research and innovation projects funded by HORIZON for Cluster 6, which aims at reducing environmental degradation and reversing biodiversity loss through transformative changes in the economy and society. She is also leading and conducting research in the CircularCityChallenge project, an innovative initiative that develops and implements curricula to educate high school students across the EU on how to create and participate in sustainable and circular economies.

She has also taught urban and regional planning theory at the university level for 15 years, covering courses such as the contemporary theory of planning, land use and environmental policy, planning practice, urban planning studios, and resilient planning in agglomerations. Her most recent course was at Technical University Vienna, on using resilience, vulnerability, and adaptive capacities frameworks in planning.

She was the director of the Association of Architects and Urban Planners from 2013 to 2016, a non-governmental regional-level organization that addressed a wide range of urban sustainability topics through externally funded projects. She initiated and managed various community development activities and community-based education projects in partnership with local government, research institutes, foundations, grassroots, individuals, and NGOs.

She has published professional articles, academic textbooks, and a major monograph on her research. She has also given talks on her research in cities around the world.


Ecosystem-based climate adaptation, Planning Theory, Planning and Decision Processes, Participatory planning, Research Methods in Urban Studies, Resilience of Urban Social-Ecological Systems, Environmental Policy, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Policy, Urban and Regional Governance, Knowledge Management, Nature-based solutions, Adaptation Planning


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